we develop general constructing

general constructing

We have the experience and expertise to define each project’s complexities from a variety of angles. This unique perspective tailors our services to meet your needs and wants and provides you with the right partner to help you maximize your profit.

We build projects in Vancouver. EPC BUILD is a many-faceted construction company that offers specific services in engineering, procurement, and construction. Our activities include project and construction management, pre-construction services, design-build, general contracting.

What we do



To create peace of mind for our clients, we match the project's components according to their budget. We pay attention to coordinate the design and the budget . We consider a wide range of factors during the engineering phases to achieve a price match.


The dominant feature that makes us unique in this industry is that we are a material supplier as well. We supply material directly from manufactures. Moreover, we import building materials directly from origin countries.


Our commitment is fulfilling the requirements of our clientss. It is achievable by covering construction functions such as Landscaping , Facades/exterior Demolition, Excavation, Framing, Painting ,Electrical Installation, Mechanical Installation

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