To achieve the highest level of quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, we divide the project activities into divisions and subdivisions.
We serve our clients at the highest level of clearance. We adopt project procedures to our customer’s visions. For a custom home project, the divisions would be:

1- Gathering information and basic project review

We start the project base on your budget, opinion, timeline and other information

2- Design and permit

Based on the first step and after signing a contract, we start construction engineering that includes interior and exterior and landscape design, architectural and structural drawing, mechanical/plumbing/HVAC and electrical design and drawing. Our designer partners implement necessary changes in designing and drawing for obtaining the permit.

3- Procurement

The final project cost completely depends on the value of the materials. We have a great team to import the materials from the origin countries directly. We purchase them from main suppliers and manufacturers. As a consequence, we reduce the final cost of the project phenomenally.

4- Construction

We do all steps of construction works such as site work, concrete, metals, masonry, and wood, plastic, thermal and moisture protection, doors, windows, mechanical and electrical at the highest level of standard and quality